Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is the process of lengthening and flattening the carpet to get rid of any wrinkles, lumps or gaping that has happened over time. They are often caused by poor installation company not using a carpet Power Stretching tool, and kneeless carpet stretcher, or not using a Carpet Power Stretcher and other specialty tools  to Properly stretch and repair the carpet, moving furniture or other repetitive motion over the carpet can also compensate to carpet buckles. Using carpet furniture slider is recommended to move furniture, Carpet wrinkles are not only unsightly, but they can also be dangerous if your foot gets caught on one. Our stretching process is quick and efficient, and it gets your carpet looking fresh and professional.

Before and After Carpet Stretching- Cleaning

before stretch 1
after stretch 1

before stretch 2
after stretch 2

before stretch 3
after stretch 3

before stretch 4
after stretch 4

before stretch 5
after stretch 5

before stretch 6
after stretch 6

before stretch 7
after stretch 7